Our Philosophy

We seek the road less traveled.
First, we concentrate on niche asset classes that are not heavily settled or trafficked by other, larger investment firms. Our combination of boutique, specialized subadvisors investing in targeted asset classes allows the Pear Tree Funds to offer investment opportunities not easily accessed in the common marketplace.

We are strongly committed to specialization.
Second, we seek subadvisory services only from investment firms that are specialists in their respective asset classes.  We believe that world-class managers with focused expertise should outperform benchmarks over the long term and should do so within strict performance standards.

We set exacting standards for our subadvisors.
As manager of the Pear Tree Funds, our expertise and value reside in selecting and monitoring – through our stringent due diligence process – the subadvisors who manage the assets entrusted to our Funds. Our Investment Committee reviews investment results, monitors compliance with investment objectives, and evaluates competitive positioning.

We provide superior client support services.
Through our affiliated broker/dealer, U.S. Boston Capital Corporation, a dedicated sales and service team provides research and the long-term investment perspective to support institutional clients and investment advisors.  We also maintain our own internal Transfer Agent to assure quality control and the integrity of this crucial service.