Chartwell Investment Partners

Located in Berwyn, PA, since its founding, Chartwell Investment Partners LLC has successfully grown into a 65+ person boutique investment management firm with approximately $9.3 billion of assets under management. A wholly-owned subsidiary of Tri-State Capital Holdings, Inc., a bank holding company based in Pittsburgh, Pa, since 2014. Chartwell is also advisor to the Chartwell Funds and the Berwyn Funds, and to clients of wrap fee programs.

Chartwell provides equity and fixed-income investment strategies to institutional, private clients, and clients of wrap fee programs through separate accounts, sub-advisory relationships and mutual funds. Equity Investment teams and strategies focus on the inherent inefficiencies available to astute, fundamentally oriented investors in small, mid, and large-capitalization equities. Fixed Income strategies leverage strong fundamental research capabilities to capitalize on inefficiencies in the investment grade and high yield credit space.

Chartwell’s client roster includes: Union and Taft Hartley, Public, Corporate, Foundation and Endowment Funds and Individuals.